The development of CoPlasma, which means Cold Plasma, started in 2001, when the company Ionex s.r.l. was incorporated to research applications of the system Hi-Tech Nature System (HTNS) developed by Expansion Electronic s.r.l. in the food sector. HTNS was developed to sanitize the air handled by air conditioning systems and also to sanitize the systems themselves. The HTNS system was based on the application of electrostatic filtration, essential to minimize the particles and micro-organisms content of the air and further air ionization without presence of ozone.

Before entering the market, several trials have been carried on to validate the HTNS system expectations. Results were contradictory and not satisfactory.

The project was kept on hold and further researches and tests have been provided to clarify the reasons of such contradictions.
The result of preliminary tests and experiments was that only in presence of ozone the system provides sensible bactericidal effect.


On the right it is shown the summary of various tests in which it is evident that ionization only is not effective, but combined with ozone, it is working as “accelerator” of the sanitation process. This is essential in air conditioning system because of the short time required by the air to pass through the system and useful for sanitation. This is why UV lamps are not effective in this application but only in steady situations.

Consequently the configuration of the system has been revised, level of filtration, electric field, ionization have been optimized and this ended in the application for a new patent which abstract is shown on the right.Cooperation with the C.N.R. the Italian National Research Council and the completion of “Qualitaria” project, confirmed all the expectations.

Ionex completed all the steps to allow validation and built also some reference installations in the food sector. After this period Ionex have been closed and liquidated and the patent is now property of Expansion Electronic s.r.l. and Ing.Giancarlo Pertegato while the mark CoPlasma and related use, is property of AGM Foodtech Ltd.