Industrial Refrigeration and Clean Rooms: critical components for controlled environments

Clean rooms and industrial refrigeration systems are pivotal in various industries, including food production, pharmaceuticals, and biotechnology. Clean rooms create a controlled environment with minimal contamination, and industrial refrigeration contributes to this by providing temperature and humidity control.

Industrial refrigeration systems ensure accurate temperature and humidity within clean rooms, preserving optimal environmental conditions. From food production to pharmaceuticals, our technology guarantees optimal conditions and minimizes contamination risks, driving your business towards excellence.

Ensuring Food Quality & Safety

In the food production industry, we use industrial refrigeration systems to provide temperature and humidity control in processing areas, cold storage rooms, and in the storage and transportation of temperature-sensitive food products. Specifically, our advanced industrial refrigeration technology helps in:

  • Preserving freshness during processing
  • Securing food quality
  • Reducing the risk of contamination

Pharmaceuticals & Biotechnology Applications

In the pharmaceuticals and biotechnology industries, where precision isn’t a choice but a necessity, our industrial refrigeration technology can ensure your products’ potency and effectiveness. Whether it’s storing and transporting vaccines, blood products, or other delicate substances, maintaining precise temperatures is our specialty.

Our Expertise in Ammonia Refrigeration Plants

At AGM FoodTech we design, implement, and maintain advanced ammonia refrigeration plants. Our refrigeration systems are created using the latest technologies and sustainable solutions to ensure optimal performance that will drive the success of your business.
Our expertise in incorporating ammonia-based systems solutions that excel in efficiency, sustainability, and safety, guarantees reliable and effective cooling for various industries.

Benefits of Ammonia Refrigeration Systems:

Enhanced Efficiency

Ammonia outperforms CFCs, allowing for reduced electricity consumption and lower operating costs.

Environmental Safety

Ammonia boasts an Ozone Depletion Potential (ODP) and Global Warming Potential (GWP) rating of 0, ensuring a minimal ecological footprint.

Cost Savings

The affordability of ammonia compared to CFCs and HCFCs leads to significant cost reductions.

Personnel Safety

With most food factories using water with glycol as coolant, our ammonia plant solutions provide a secure choice for personnel.