Enhance Your Workspace with Advanced HVAC Systems

Heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning (HVAC) aim to provide both thermal comfort and indoor air quality within practical cost limits. HVAC systems offer ventilation, air infiltration reduction, and pressure balance maintenance which is achieved through air distribution networks using both rigid and flexible ducts.

Trust AGM FoodTech’s cutting-edge HVAC solutions to elevate your business. Our expertise ensures tailored air conditioning that meets your products’ unique temperature and humidity requirements, optimizing quality and profitability. From precise airflows to specialized distribution systems, we ensure your success through optimal product conditions and economic efficiency.

Air Distribution for a Healthy Environment

In conjunction with our airborne contamination control technology, efficient air distribution is paramount in the food-processing industry. Proper sanitation involves ensuring well-distributed, recirculated air throughout the room to prevent stagnant zones.

Experience the transformative power of our airborne contamination control technology, making your facility a clean room with industrial air conditioning. Trust AGM FoodTech for an unparalleled solution that guarantees a safer and healthier workspace.

Utilizing the CoPlasma cutting-edge technology for cleaning & purification

Room Air

In the ionization section, particles and microorganisms, such as bacteria, spores, and yeasts, undergo charging through positive or negative corona discharge generated by electrodes.

Ducts and Pipes

Our innovative CoPlasma technology can effectively cleanse the circulating air in existing ducts and pipes, delivering clean and pure air throughout your facility.

Exhaust Air

CoPlasma eliminates odors from exhaust air, ensuring an environment free from odors and pollution.

Versatile Applications in Various Industries

Industrial Air Conditioning systems play a crucial role in diverse sectors:

  • Process rooms
  • Packing and filling rooms
  • Maturing and ripening rooms
  • Dryers
  • Cold stores