Experience the CoPlasma Advantage for Airborne Contamination Control

Why is CoPlasma the ultimate solution for a contamination-free environment?

Because with our cutting-edge technology, you can enjoy:

Market Expansion

Keep your facility clean and safe with CoPlasma’s high efficiency in various room sizes.

Cost Savings

Experience lower running and maintenance costs, maximizing your operational efficiency and profitability.

Eco-friendly Practices

CoPlasma is a green solution that eliminates waste disposal, reducing your ecological impact.

Enhanced Safety

Minimize the risk of cross-contamination with CoPlasma’s advanced bacteria elimination capabilities.

Elevating Clean Rooms with CoPlasma Technology

  • Filtration and elimination of bacteria, yeasts, spores, and fungi, showing high efficiency against mold, Escherichia coli and Listeria.
  • Neutralization of contaminants, preventing future threats and eliminating endotoxin production.
  • Metallic, washable, and reusable components ensure an eco-friendly and cost-effective system without the need of filter replacements.
  • Energy-efficient electrostatic filters result in lower power consumption, leading to rapid return on investment and ongoing savings.
  • Provision of the appropriate air temperature, humidity, and positive air pressure.

Revolutionary Technology for Airborne Contamination Control

CoPlasma successfully creates a contaminant-free environment through its advanced technology. Its high-efficiency electrostatic filtration system effectively captures airborne contaminants. By generating a blend of cold plasma and ozone, it forms an antimicrobial gaseous mix that expertly oxidizes microorganisms.

The Essential Technology for a Clean Room

Ionic Charging

In the ionization section, particles and microorganisms, such as bacteria, spores, and yeasts, undergo charging through positive or negative corona discharge generated by electrodes.

Electrostatic Precipitation

Charged particles and microbes are electrostatically precipitated on a set of parallel electrically charged collection plates in the collection section. The electric field efficiently captures and traps contaminants on the surface of the collection plates.

Immediate Microbial Destruction

Contact with the collection plates leads to the immediate destruction of microorganisms, preventing toxin release upon bacterial lysis, which is a distinct advantage over mechanical filters.

Synergy with Cold Plasma and Ozone

The second decontamination mechanism involves cold plasma and a micro-concentration of ozone. Ozone’s potent oxidation ability ensures the elimination of contaminants, making it a powerful natural oxidizer.

CoPlasma for Airborne Contamination Control:

The Essential Technology for a Clean Room

A clean room is necessary to preserve food products and ensure optimal freshness and longevity. Experience the benefits in crucial areas such as:

  • Packing Areas
  • Slicing/Re-packing Operations
  • Ripening & Seasoning Rooms
  • Cooking Rooms for Fresh Air Supply
  • Research and Development
  • Ingredient Storage
  • Pharmaceuticals and Nutraceuticals