CoPlasma: Excelling in Airborne Contamination Control

This cutting-edge technology is a game-changer in the field of airborne contamination control. CoPlasma is a patented, reliable, and efficient method for airborne microorganism depletion. With the combination of electrostatic filtration and micro‐concentration of ozone, this technology achieves exceptional airborne contamination control, creating Clean Rooms and ensuring healthy environments.

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Safeguard Your Business & Consumers

Airborne contamination control is vital in the dairy and food industries, as well as in various other industries. Never compromise on safety and quality. Choose our innovative CoPlasma technology to mitigate risks and enjoy a number of benefits:

Extended Shelf Life

  • Secure Your Brand's Integrity
  • Minimize Waste, Maximize Profit
  • Expand Your Market Reach
BrandSafetyAssurance Preventcostly recalls Mitigatelegal liabilities Safeguardyour brand'sreputation Combatthe spreadof diseases

Contamination-Free Environments for a Safer Future

CoPlasma Application Across Industries

Τhe significance of Clean Rooms and airborne contamination control cannot be understated. Our CoPlasma technology can be applied to different fields for the creation of Clean Rooms.

Food Industry
Dairy Industry
Public Buildings
Meat and Poultry
Refrigeration Plants

Food Industry

Airborne contamination control is vital in the food industry as it can prevent many unfortunate incidents. CoPlasma ensures a clean environment, preserving product quality, safeguarding consumer health, and securing a company’s credibility.

Dairy Industry

In the dairy sector, effective airborne contamination control is crucial to avoid risks and maintain product quality. CoPlasma guarantees a clean environment, preserving the quality of dairy products, ensuring consumer safety, and strengthening the reputation of dairy companies.


Airborne contaminants in hospitals pose severe risks to patients and staff. A Clean Room with CoPlasma technology enhances patient safety for better healthcare by preventing the risk of infections and contributing to faster recovery rates.

Public Buildings

Clean and healthy air in public buildings, where many people gather throughout the day, is crucial for the well-being of both employees and visitors. CoPlasma technology ensures a contamination-free environment, enhancing the overall experience and promoting a healthy and comfortable atmosphere for everyone.

Meat and Poultry

The safety and health of animals in meat and poultry facilities depend significantly on clean air. Airborne contamination can pose a threat to the well-being of birds and other animals. CoPlasma’s cutting-edge filtration safeguards animal health and enhances breeding conditions, ensuring peak productivity and overall well-being in the meat and poultry industry.

Refrigeration Plants

Refrigeration plants are pivotal for ensuring food safety and preserving product quality. CoPlasma’s effective filtration ensures a contamination-free environment, preventing spoilage and minimizing product waste, thus, maximizing cost-effective operations.

CoPlasma’s Four-Phase Airborne Contamination Control

Ionic Charging
Electrostatic Precipitation
Immediate Microbial Destruction
Synergy with Cold Plasma and Ozone

Our Commitment
to a Safer Future

At AGM FoodTech, our mission is to create safe and harmless environments for food production, extending product shelf life while minimizing energy consumption.

Using CoPlasma – Airborne Contamination Control technology, we design turnkey Clean Rooms that ensure airborne contamination control in diverse sectors, spanning food industries, commercial facilities, public buildings, and more.

With a focus on sustainability, we aim to preserve our world by minimizing our energy consumption and ecological footprint.

Trust us in building a safer and more sustainable future for your company and your customers.

Discover Unmatched Airborne Contamination Control with CoPlasma

This cutting-edge technology combines high-efficiency electrostatic filtration and ozone generation to capture and neutralize airborne contaminants. AGM FoodTech empowers businesses with superior contamination control by eliminating contamination risks and securing their credibility.