About us

 Our company was founded in July 2000 when we saw the need in the industry for Industrial refrigeration plants as well as clean rooms in the dairy and generally the food industry.
The founders of the company had a vast experience in the food industry, both Clear rooms and air-conditioning and in food processing equipment.  Today our technical Management includes engineers with long experience in food industry in relation to lay-out design, production plants,
Our client’s requirement frequently demand customised solutions and processing engineering. Our company provides tailor made solutions for clean rooms in Europe and Middle East, that are environmentally friendly, producing less wastes and consume less power, enabling our customers to be cleaner and more competitive.

Our company’s evolution in technique and technology, customer services, our constant pursuit of quality, product optimization, competitiveness and search for new and innovative technology, makes us the optimal partner of choice.

In addition to the specialised HVAC & R services we provide


  • Engineering factory Design & Feasibility studies

    • To decide about an investment, the feasibility study is the first step that allows the estimation of the potential risks and the return of the investment in terms of time and income.
      The capacity of the factory is estimated based on market research that considers the potential business growth, the competition, the distribution and sales possibilities as well the price levels. Based on the capacity of the factory, the surface needed and the necessary land plot can be estimated.

      • Factory preliminary design is necessary to obtain the budget cost for the whole factory. Running costs can also be estimated in relation to the production, the location and the services available nearby. Comparing costs estimation and financial costs with the potential income from sales, the return of the investment can be calculated and if satisfactory the final project can start.
      • The final project with tender documents is issued.
        Suppliers are going to be selected based on the tender documents and price level .
        When the suppliers selection is completed, construction design can be provided and works can start up to the testing and commissioning of the whole factory.
      • Advising services are provided step by step with the benefit that a wrong investment can be identified from the beginning, minimising losses.The cost to approve the go ahead on any project is the best investment since a project on wrong assumptions or wrong design data could be catastrophic
      • The design in several steps allows to modify the project according to the data acquisition and strategies with minimal impact when changes occur.
      • Any change in the design phase has a costs incomparably lower than in construction phase.

Investing in engineering, minimises changes and modification during construction phase, thus reducing costs and sensible losses generated by such changes

General presentation


We work in close collaboration with our partners who specialise in food processing equipment, Christakis Agathangelou ltd  and Expansion Srl, a market leader in air pollution control.


Technical Manager – Pertegato Giancarlo

General Manager – Christou Marios